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Care Instructions for Solotica Lenses

Each pair of Solotica lenses purchased from ONE lens, will include a care instructions pamphlet that gives you information about how to care for your contact lenses. Please read this thoroughly, if you have never worn contact lenses before. Moreover, we highly encourage that you seek out your eye care specialist/optometrist to learn about basic lens care and hygiene. Always seek out your optometrist prior to purchasing lenses, as these are for cosmetic use only.

Below are some tips to ensure your eyes are kept safe and your Solotica lenses are cared for:

  • Make sure you soak your lenses in a multi-purpose solution or soft lens solution overnight before wearing them for the first time. This is because the saline solution included in the glass vials DO NOT disinfect the lenses. 
  •  It is recommended they are soaked for at least six hours before you wear them.
  • Rinse each side of your Solotica lenses for five seconds with multi-purpose solution. Ensure that your lenses are free of debris and deposits, and follow the routine your eye care professional recommends.
  • Place your lenses in a clean contact lens case (e.g., the case that comes with the Solotica lenses)
  • Fill the contact lens case with multi-purpose solution 
  • Let it soak for at least six hours before you can wear them again.
  • Never reuse multi-purpose solution

Additional information about proper contact lens care can be found here.