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Our pledge to help restore sight

ONE lens was created with the ONE vision of combining beauty with a cause. We are an Australian company which strives to improve people's lives through business. This is a movement we believe can be extremely powerful.  In keeping with the theme of our business, we aim to contribute to making a real difference to lives affected with blindness or vision impairment.

We donate a portion of our profits to achieve this. Currently, we donate to the Fred Hollows Foundation on a monthly basis. 

The Fred Hollows Foundation is a non-profit aid organization based in Australia and founded in 1992 by eye surgeon Fred Hollows. The Foundation focuses on treating and preventing blindness and other vision problems. 

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We are subscribed to monthly donations

With the more purchases we receive a month, the greater our collective donations and the more we can help people affected with vision impairment.


So spread the word, and help us help others through purchases. Lets prevent avoidable blindness together!